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Carmelo Anthony On His Reputation In The NBA: "I Think People Don't Really Understand Me."

Carmelo Anthony

37-year-old Carmelo Anthony has a rather complicated history in the NBA. From his early days in Denver to his prime years in New York City, the 10x All-Star has been mostly recognized for his scoring ability, which has consistently been among the best in the league.

He was never known as a defender or playmaker, and his messy tenures in OKC and Houston only further drove those points home to the fans.

But now, in Los Angeles, the basketball legend is finding new ways to contribute to his team -- and while many find themselves surprised, Melo says it's all just a part of his game.

"I think people don't really understand me," Anthony said. "I think there's a misconception out there about me and not being able to adapt to situations. But I'm easily adaptable, man, to any situation."

Anthony, who is averaging 16.7 points for L.A. this season, is having his best season in years. His 50% shooting percentage is the highest of his career.

Still, it's the other areas of his game that are drawing the most attention, and he's certainly aware of the impact it's having on the team.

"I'm just trying to stick to the scheme, honestly just do what I'm supposed to do on the defensive end within our scheme," said Melo following the Lakers' win on Sunday. "Be there and be in position where I'm supposed to be at. I'm starting to get more used to just what we're trying to do with our scheme and where I'm at on the court defensively moreso than offensively so. Today was one of those games, we were doing it in great fashion. I think I did a great job of being in position, being in spots."

Even with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, Anthony has been crucial for the Lakers this season. His energy and scoring off the bench have been invaluable.

The Lakers, who are now 4-3 on the season, will face the Rockets on Tuesday, who will no doubt be looking for a way to slow down the 6x All-NBA player.