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Carmelo Anthony On Landing In Los Angeles: "I Know My Brother Kobe Is Smiling Right Now.”

Carmelo Anthony Reveals How He Became Friends With Kobe Bryant: "Just Pushing My Buttons To See If I Was Going To Stand That"

For years, Carmelo Anthony was tied to the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency but it just never happened.

Anthony tried to win a championship the hard way. He was often the go-to guy on his team during his prime, but that's no longer the case.

So, now that he's taken his talents to Los Angeles, the legendary forward looked back on his past with the Knicks and claimed that Kobe would be glad to see him donning the purple and gold:

“It’s different in a great way," Melo said on The Undefeated. "I was fortunate enough to play in New York, an organization in a big city, in a big market. But those colors are totally different. Blue and orange are different than purple and gold. Being in LA, you really feel that. I know my brother Kobe is smiling right now.”

Anthony is one of the greatest scorers of all time but doesn't often get enough praise and recognition because of his lack of success in the playoffs or individual accolades.

Now, Melo knows that he's got the ultimate chance of winning an NBA Championship once and for all, and that's what motivates him the most right now:

“I have been thinking about winning a title for 20 years. The same thought process. Now, with the team that we have and the situation that we have, we really can look forward to competing at that level. That is exciting for me,” he added.

The Lakers could be the oldest team in the league and their haters may doubt their ability to go the distance But you never want to put your money against motivated veterans. 

Hopefully, Anthony will finally get that much-deserved ring to round up his Hall-of-Famer résumé.