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Cedric Maxwell Absolutely Destroys Draymond Green For Committing Dirty Fouls: “That S**t That Draymond Green Was Doing? In The 80s, He Would Have Got Knocked The F**k Out.”

Draymond Green Responds To Grant Williams Revealing He Grew Up As A Draymond Fan: "To Hear Him Say That Is An Honor, So I Don't Take That For Granted"

Draymond Green was drafted with the 35th overall pick by the Golden State Warriors in the 2012 NBA Draft. For a player drafted so low, most fans do not have huge expectations. They expect them to fulfill the role of a good role player in the NBA and probably jump a few teams during their time in the league.

However, Dray's career in the NBA has been quite different. He worked hard and established himself as one of the best defenders in the league. If it weren't for him, maybe the Warriors wouldn't have truly become a dynasty and dominated the league the way they did with him on the court.

Despite all the positives about his games, there are many things that people do not like about Green. One of the most obvious is Green's tendency to sometimes pull off dirty fouls. Sometimes it feels like the former DPOY is deliberately committing such fouls to render opposing players useless.

A recent example of this was Green's heated exchange with Jaylen Brown, where he allegedly tried to pull down Brown's pants. Keeping that in mind, former Boston Celtics champion Cedric Maxwell wasn't happy with Green's antics and went on an NSFW rant.

Via CLNS Media:

"I’m gonna be as clear as I can. That s**t Draymond Green was doing, during the 80s he would have gotten knocked the f**k out."

Maxwell made this comment in a CLNS podcast where he was joined by former NBA superstar Gary Payton. Payton agreed with Maxwell's deduction for Green getting knocked out in the 1980s had he tried committing such dirty fouls.

Green is very passionate about the game of basketball, and there is nothing wrong with that. But more often than not, he lets his emotions get out of control and ends up committing bad fouls. These fouls can end up hurting a player and potentially sideline them.