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Charles Barkley Makes Hilarious Joke About LeBron James' Hair: "Did LeBron Have A Durag On? He Don't Have Enough Hair For That To Do Anything"

Charles Barkley: "Did Lebron Have A Durag On? He Don't Have Enough Hair For That To Do Anything"

LeBron James going bald has been a recurrent joke in the NBA for quite some time now and that doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Most fans believe he should just give up and go full bald like Kobe Bryant and other stars did in the past. Well, James isn't changing his looks, at least not now, and the jokes keep coming.

Former NBA player-turned-analyst Charles Barkley had a couple of them during Thursday's edition of TNT's Inside the NBA. After watching the reactions to the Lakers 110-100 victory over the Houston Rockets in their second-round series, Barkley asked a question that has been around for some time.

LeBron has gotten used to wearing a durag and it was curious for Chuck, who made it clear that Bron wasn't in the position to wear a durag.

"Did Lebron have a durag on? He don't have enough hair for that to do anything," Chuck jokingly said.

Baldness will always hunt LeBron until we see real changes; either he goes full bald or finds some way to grow his hair once again. The second option is more unlikely now, but James doesn't lose any hope.

Meanwhile, his Lakers are one win away from eliminating the Houston Rockets and advance to the Western Conference Finals, where the Lakers will probably be waiting. As things stand now, it doesn't look like his hair is the most important priority for Bron.