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Charles Barkley On Fan Throwing Popcorn at Russell Westbrook: “I Think You Should Be Able To Go Up Into The Stands And Beat The Hell Out Of One Person Per Game.”

russ barkley

Charles Barkley was one of those people who reacted to one Philadelphia 76ers fan throwing popcorn at Russell Westbrook on Wednesday night. 

The fan has been banned from future events at the Wells Fargo Center, and the team apologized to Russ in a statement. Well, that situation was fixed quickly, but Chuck believes the league should implement something new to prevent this from happening. 

On Wednesday's edition of TNT's Inside the NBA, Chuck claimed that players should get the chance to look for one person in the crowd after every game and beat them. You can pick somebody who was picking you during the match and get the job done (0:42).

“I think you should be able to go up into the stands and beat the hell out of one person per game," Barkley said. 

Even though some players would like to do this sometimes, that's just not possible. Still, the league has now shared new guidelines for fans and their behaviors in the arenas. 

Westbrook was subjected to this disrespect, Trae Young was spit on by a Knicks fan, and more. Hecklers have been very active this season and playoffs basketball has gotten the worst out of them. 

Maybe Chuck's idea could solve a lot of issues, but that's not happening.