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Knicks Fan Caught Spitting On Trae Young, Entire Garden Got Paper Chant: 'Trae Is Balding'


After silencing the Madison Square Garden in Game 1, Trae Young was welcomed with more hostility in Game 2. Derrick Rose warned him that the New York Knicks fans were ready to let him have it, which is exactly what happened. 

The Atlanta Hawks led the game for a big part of it until the Knicks took things personally and surpass the visitors, eventually winning the game. It was hostile territory for the Hawks, especially for Trae. The young guard embraced his role as a villain, but fans didn't forget any of that. 

The situation took different levels, and one fan was caught spitting at the player as he got ready to inbound the ball. 

Chants didn't take long to appear, either. Fans at the Garden yelled 'f*ck Trae Young' and social media found out they had these papers with the chants again the No. 11 last night. 

He has been mocked for his hair before and the Knicks fanbase took advantage of that. The papers read 'Trae is balding!' as the chant of the night. 

This is a terrific story for these playoffs. It's been a while since the Knicks were in the postseason, and things couldn't start better for them. We have a rivalry brewing here, and the rest of the NBA is very entertained. 

After this game was over, Trae fired back at fans, saying he would see the Knicks in Atlanta, where things would be different. 

This playoffs basketball; we can't be happier to see it. Fans are back in the arenas and players are taking things to the next level. Game 3 of this series will take place at the State Farm Arena this Friday at 7.30 PM ET.