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Charles Barkley Slams James Harden For Saying That He Feels No Pressure: "You Got More Pressure On You Than Any Player In The Playoffs... James Don't Tell That Lie."

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James Harden is one of the best guards in the league. He used to be a ball-dominant scorer in Houston but has since shifted his playstyle to being more playmaking-oriented in recent years.

At the trade deadline, James Harden ended up getting traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. As a result of the trade, the Philadelphia 76ers ended up being considered a contending team.

Many have suggested that James Harden is under pressure to win a championship to round out his Hall of Fame resume. However, James Harden claimed that he doesn't feel "any pressure", and that his goal is to try and help his team win.

No, I don’t. I don’t. For me personally, I always want to go out there and play well and contribute in whatever way I need to contribute but for me, it’s going out there and playing my game, trying to help my team win. I don’t feel any pressure, I don’t feel any of that. 

Charles Barkley has recently responded to James Harden's claim that there's no pressure on him. Charles Barkley claimed that

James Harden. You said you don't fell no pressure. Man, you better think again. Them people in Philadelphia ain't gonna be happy if you're going out there playing bad... You got more pressure on you than any player in the playoffs. Good luck now... But James, don't tell that lie.

Being on a contending team definitely comes with expectations. There's no doubt that many Philadelphia 76ers fans expect the team to try and compete for a championship. The 76ers fans are passionate about the game, but they can also be hostile towards athletes that underperform, as Charles Barkley mentions. 

There is definitely some pressure on James Harden to deliver in the postseason. Hopefully, we see the 76ers star show out, and they will need him to show out for them to get to the NBA Finals.