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Charles Oakley Says Zion Williamson Isn't Doing 'Anything Special' This Season

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Zion Williamson is perhaps the most hyped prospect in NBA history since LeBron James. Like James, he was dominating and bullying high school players for years, but that also came with his fair share of doubts.

Williamson's weight and size raised a lot of questions about his ability to stay healthy and take his game to a whole new level in the NBA, and the fact that he missed most of his rookie year with injuries didn't do much to help his case.

That's why, even though he's been one of the most dominant and efficient players in the league this season, it seems like some people are still unfazed by his game, including former New York Knicks great Charles Oakley.

According to Oakley, Zion hasn't been that impressive at all during his sophomore season. If anything, all that praise should go towards Julius Randle, who he believes is a better version of Zion:

"I think he’s a better version of Zion Williamson to me. Because he can do more. Zion Williamson. … I said last year, (the Knicks) didn’t have a superstar. And now they got a superstar. (Zion) ain’t doing nothing special. He’s just putting the ball down, guys they don’t slide no more. They reach in and then look behind like, ‘Oh, I thought I had help.’ There ain’t no help. Keep him in front for 2-3 dribbles, you might have help," Oakley said on SiriusXM.

Well, to be fair, it would be only normal to see that Randle - who's already a veteran - performing at a higher level than a 20-year-old who's yet to play a full season in the NBA.

Even so, we can't take anything away from Zion. He's averaging 26.9 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 3.6 assists per game on 61.8% shooting, so yeah, I'd say that's pretty impressive.