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Charles Oakley Wants LeBron James To Be Traded To Phoenix: "He Needs A Ring"

Charles Oakley Wants LeBron James To Be Traded To Phoenix: "He Needs A Ring"

Charles Oakley is one of the honest men in the world of basketball. He seldom holds back his opinions and tells things exactly how he sees them. This has been polarizing for many fans, who attack certain opinions. However, the former New York Knick has said something about LeBron James that may upset many.

Appearing on 'Club Shay Shay', hosted by NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, Oakley bluntly said that he may be upsetting fans with what he's saying, but LeBron James needs a ring and should leave for either the Philadelphia 76ers or Phoenix Suns. 

"I don't know what's gonna happen, he may need to get out of LA. He needs a ring. He might need to leave to get it. Two places he could probably get it is Philadelphia or Phoenix."

Oakley elaborated on his point about Phoenix and praised them for their play this season and how the team has matured. Oakley believed Ben Simmons for LeBron would be a good move from Philadelphia, but it never happened. Fun fact, Oakley has claimed before that he had told LeBron James he will sign with the Miami Heat a year prior to it actually happening.

Phoenix doesn't have any reason to trade for LeBron with how they're playing and won't part with assets like Devin Booker or DeAndre Ayton for LeBron at this point. Similarly, the Lakers will not be interested in trading their franchise cornerstone. It isn't a trade that would make sense for either team.

Philadelphia poses even more issues after they went all-in on getting James Harden. While there were rumors LeBron considered Philadelphia during 2018 free agency, there is no conceivable way Philly trades for LeBron with the assets they have. Tobias Harris won't get you LeBron, no matter how many picks Daryl Morey would offer.