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Chris Bosh Explains Why LeBron James Was At His Peak In Miami



LeBron James is doing miraculous things for the L.A. Lakers this season. At 35-years-old, in his 17th season playing in the NBA, he's averaging 26.,4 points, 9.5 assists, and 10 rebounds per game in these playoffs.

In fact, his arrival is what started L.A. on their miraculous turnaround.

Even still, the version of Bron we're seeing now may not even be the best. According to James' former teammate Chris Bosh, "The King" was at his peak while he donned the Miami Heat jersey from 2010-2014.

(via J.J. Redick's podcast, "The Old Man And The Three")

J.J.: "Is Miami LeBron peak LeBron?"

Bosh: "Yeah, I have to argue. He's transformed so many times, but I feel that second year he was another planet. It got to the point where we were just kind of 'I'm a pretty good basketball player but I'm kinda just watching him do his thing right now, cause I don't know what the hell is going on, I don't know where he is mentally -- cause he was shooting like 60% for weeks-- and he wasn't missing. I'll be here on defense, I'll be open whenever you guys need me.'

He was very, very motivated to be successful. And I think us as a unit, the way we played the game, it allowed him to be successful. And then I think he was able to play off the ball a lot. I think once he went to Cleveland, he had the ball in his hands more and he was asked to do more-- still the case in L.A.

But I think that time, we could put him off the ball and have him working off of cuts, make a play for him, get him in the post, get him in the pick and roll. He had different functions and different spots on the court, but he had [people] to kick it to. I think that made him a little more dangerous."

Looking back, it's clear that his time in Miami happened during his athletic peak. LeBron was stronger, faster, and more explosive there than at any point in his career. But the Heat also provided Bron many different ways in which he could control the game.

He wasn't asked to handle the ball all the time, so points were able to come a little easier for him.

Statistically, Bron averaged over 26 points per game on 54% shooting (some of the most efficient years of his career).

So, in case you forgot just how good LeBron James really is, just know that there was a point where he was even more dominant than he is right now. It's a remarkable thing indeed.