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Chris Bosh Returns The Championship Ring That Pat Riley Loaned Him In The 2010 NBA Free Agency

Chris Bosh Returns The Championship Ring That Pat Riley Loaned Him In The 2010 NBA Free Agency

The Miami Heat Big 3 was one of the best teams ever formed in the history of the NBA. Sure, the players received a lot of criticism for joining forces and changing the power balance in the league. The decision was purely made in hopes of winning NBA championships.

Pat Riley assembled LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh to form that team. While the duo of LBJ and Wade were the point of focus for most people, Bosh's contribution cannot be overlooked. Prior to joining, the Heat Bosh used to be fabulous player.

But joining the Heat meant taking a backseat to James and Wade. Chris did the job elegantly and ultimately won two rings with the teams.

He had a phenomenal career in the NBA and is arguably one of the most underrated players of the modern era. Despite that, Bosh was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame recently. The former NBA superstar gave an amazing HoF speech that can go down as one of the best ever, without a doubt.

During his speech, Bosh revealed that Riley actually loaned him a ring back in 2010 when he signed for the team. Now, after more than a decade, Bosh has decided to return it and there is a reason for it.

"When I met Pat during free agency in 2010, he pulled out every trick you know and it was quite a performance. And as I was starting to stand up to leave from the meeting, he pulled out one last trick. He took out this velvet bag full of championship rings and dumped them all across the table.

"He picked one up and you know he looked me dead in my eye and he said, 'You give it back to me when we win one together.' Now when I think about it, it was crazy because I hadn't even agreed to sign with Miami. But that's Pat, you know and we did win a ring together, two of them. But I never gave back the one he loaned me. Because you know for whatever reason I wanted to wait for the right moment and you know I figured this would be a good moment."

Getting inducted into the Hall of Fame certainly proves how amazing of a player Bosh was. Moreover, thanks to this, fans also got to see the Big 3 of the Miami Heat reunite once again.

If it weren't for complications in his health, Bosh might still be playing in the league. Do you believe he would still have donned a Miami Heat jersey?