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Chris Bosh Said He Could Have Played For Many More Years Had It Not Been Foor Blood Clots: "I Saw Myself Playing For A While."


In the summer of 2013, Miami Heat star Chris Bosh had captured his second-straight Championship, sealing his name in the NBA history books forever.

By 2016, Bosh's career was over following a scary health crisis involving blood clots. It was a sad and tragic situation that risked his life and effectively ended his career.

And while we'll never know for sure how things would have ended for Bosh had blood clots not been an issue, the 11x All-Star says he could have played for many, many more years.

(via Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald)

“I was shooting like four or five threes a game in my last year in the league. So I had embraced that,” Bosh said. “I was very much so looking forward to perfecting that craft and that role and getting better at that. I just didn’t have the opportunity to do so. But, yeah, I saw myself playing for a while. Especially now, kind of like you see with the opportunity that [Carmelo Anthony] is going to have with the Lakers, just being that spot-up three-point shooter to spread the floor and play defense, stay solid and just be who you are to help the team and fill that gap.”

It is true that Bosh had developed quite a jumper towards the end of his career in Miami. During the 2014-14 season, he was shooting 37% from downtown on 3.8 attempts per game.

With some more time to develop and adapt his game, who knows how much better he would have become.

It really is a shame things had to end so abruptly for CB, but there is nothing anyone can do to take back all the amazing things he did with the time that he had.

And now, he's out there living his best life -- with no regrets at all.