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Chris Paul On His Time In Houston: "Damn, We Was Good."

Chris Paul On His Time In Houston- "Damn, We Was Good."

Star point guard Chris Paul has worn multiple different jerseys over the course of his NBA career. From the Hornets to the Clippers to the Thunder and Suns, he has achieved many great things as a premier leader and playmaker.

And while it can be easy to take his past for granted, CP3 has been a part of some really great teams, the best of which may be the Houston Rockets.

From 2017-2019, CP3 joined forces with James Harden in his quest to capture a Championship. And although the partnership only lasted two years, and ended on sour terms, the two of them led Houston to great success, giving the superpowered Warriors a run for their money at the height of their powers.

Now, looking back, not even Chris Paul can deny just how good they were.

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"I think the thing that frustrated me the most is that obviously that first year I wasn't healthy. I mean I think it's crazy. Them years in Houston are kind of a blur, to a certain extent because there was so much going on at the time... but, damn we was good. We was real good.

And James, I still say ain't nobody can score the ball like he can. It's crazy man."

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Over CP3's two-year tenure, the Rockets won a combined 118 regular-season games and were an absolute force in the West.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the guards deteriorated in 2019, leading to a rather ugly and dramatic split. It wasn't long after that Harden also demanded a trade, and the Rockets were forced to rebuild completely.

Had they stayed together for a few more seasons, it's not ridiculous to think that both players would be Champions right now.

Nonetheless, it all worked out in the end. Chris Paul has found a new home in Phoenix, where he is leading a group of young studs to new heights.

As for Harden, he hasn't yet won his Ring, but it won't be very long before he does. In Brooklyn, alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, he's enjoying the luxuries that come with being a superteam in a big market.

His era in Houston seems like eons ago now...