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Damian Lillard Fires Back At Haters Who Say He WIll Never Win A Championship: 'Gone Touch 400 Million Before I'm 35... I Will Be Living The Greatest Life With My Family Whether I Do Or Not.'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Damian Lillard has heard enough criticism from fans and he fired back at two of them on Sunday, making it clear that he's always ready to give his best to help his team win. That won't always work but the All-Star point guard showed his pride when a couple of people started criticizing his lack of championships.

When he talked about the soundtrack of his childhood, somebody showed up and listed 5 things about him, trying to troll him for not winning championships, his record against the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry, especially, calling him overrated. The player wasn't having any of that and came back to that person, reminding him of the money he's earned thanks to his good performances and clarifying that the only people that own him are his children.

After that, another person chimed in on the conversation, telling Dame that all the money he's won won't buy him a championship. Lillard once again replied, saying that once his career is done and everybody stops worrying about him, he will be living his best life with his family regardless of if he wins a title or not.

This the Dame we all know, confident, ready to go against anybody even if he loses. This man has done everything he could to lead his team to the NBA Finals and when they were close to that, the 4-headed monster Golden State Warriors showed up and beat him in the 2019 Western Conference Finals.

You can't say he's a player that only does good things in the regular season. Dame has proven he can do a lot in the postseason but there are more factors to win a championship. If he had the right pieces around him, this man would have given the Blazers to the promised land already.