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Damian Lillard Reacts To Rumors About Playing With Ben Simmons: "These Mfs Love Drama Too Damn Much"

Damian Lillard Wants The Trail Blazers To Copy The Suns' Blueprint: "They Don’t Have A Bunch Of Stars; They Got People Who Are Really Good At What They Do And Understand Their Roles."

Damian Lillard has been at the center of several trade discussions throughout the year, but the veteran guard has pledged his loyalty to the Portland Trail Blazers.

A few moments ago, The Athletic's Shams Charania reported that league sources revealed that the six-time All-Star is interested in playing alongside Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons. Those sources also said that former Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey, who was fired for workplace misconduct, tried to acquire Simmons, but the Sixers' request for multiple draft picks was unacceptable.

Since the news of his intention to play with Simmons, social media has been buzzing, but Lillard has come once again to affirm a fan's stand on not believing anything if it does not come from Dame DOLLA himself.

In response to the fan, Lillard tweeted:

"These mfs love drama too damn much."

The instability within the organization has given room for a lot of speculations. The Trail Blazers have been poor with an 11-13 record so far this season. Lillard's call for a roster revamp was not paid much attention to as Olshey believed the roster he had could compete for a championship.

League sources have said that tension is starting to brew in the Trail Blazers camp as the players and head coach Chauncey Billups are having a difficult time getting along. Billups is unhappy with how the team has performed so far and has let the team know just how furious he is.

In a team meeting after their blowout loss to the Boston Celtics, he said:

“Competitive fire and pride, that’s something you either have or don’t have,” Billups said. “That’s something you can’t turn off and turn on. … I’ve never seen a team that needs its bench to inspire our starters. That shit is crazy to me. It’s supposed to be the other way around.”

Although Lillard has debunked these rumors, there is a chance that the Trail Blazers reopen a line of communication with the Sixers to reach an understanding.

Despite Lillard's poor shooting this season, the Blazers are 1-3 without him. The sharpshooter will be unavailable until December 10 at the earliest due to an abdominal injury.

Something needs to change with this time, and it might come during the trade deadline on February 10. Until then, Lillard will continue to lead this team, hopeful for a better run of form. He is averaging 21.5 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 7.8 assists in 20 games while shooting 39.7% from the field.