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Damian Lillard Was Pissed Off After Missed Goaltending Call On Potential Game-Tying Layup

(via Deseret News)

(via Deseret News)

With Hassan Whiteside out, and Trevor Ariza fouled out in the fourth quarter, the odds were stacked against Portland to win last night's game against the Jazz.

Nonetheless, it was Damian Lillard who led his team to the end. And, although they went home with a loss, the Blazers were fighting 'til the end and even had a chance to tie it up late in the fourth.

But the game didn't come without controversy, and Dame was absolutely livid at the missed goaltending call on his potential game-tying layup. After the game, he took to Twitter to express his unhappiness and anger with the blown call.

Dame retweeted this:

Not only was it a missed goaltending call, they also missed the foul on the play.

It really was an unfortunate situation by the officiating crew, and Lillard was pissed off after that mistake.

For the Blazers and Dame, it cost them a game that could have pretty big implications on their future. As the 9th seed, just games back from catching Memphis, they need every game.

Check what Lillard said after the game:

"It's an easy call! Three referees out there and they don't call that?"

To lose a close one, with the odds stacked against them in this fashion must not have been a good feeling.