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Damian Lillard's Cousin, Keljin Blevins, Responds To Dame Trade Rumors: "Absolutely No Truth..."

NBA Rumors- Damian Lillard Will Wait Until Trade Deadline To Decide Future In Portland

Since the end of Portland's season, Damian Lillard trade rumors have been flying non-stop.

Whether it's to the Warriors, Sixers, or Bucks, Lilllard's future has been the subject of speculation for a while now.

At one point, a report even suggested that Lillard might be willing to skip out on checks in order to get out of Portland.

Well, for what it's worth, Dame's cousin (and former teammate) Keljin Blevins, poked fun at those rumors, laughing at the apparent absurdity in a short message on Twitter.

Of course, the Dame rumors will continue, at least until the Blazers make some kind of big move. While Dame might have asked for a trade yet, even the most loyal fans have to admit that the moment might arrive pretty soon if the team doesn't get its act together.

So far, the Trail Blazers haven't done anything in free agency, aside from signing a couple of small names to fill out their bench.

No doubt, Lillard is close to his breaking point.

But, for now, all the noise of his departure is just that: noise. At this point, all we can do is wait and see how everything plays out.

Chances are, though (even if he does move), Dame isn't forgoing any paychecks.