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Danny Green On The Last Time He Spoke To Ben Simmons: "It Was Probably Around The Fourth Of July Weekend"

Danny Green On Ben Simmons Trade Rumors- "There’s An Opportunity For You To Find Of Reinvent Yourself."

The Ben Simmons saga is anything but finished. The Philadelphia 76ers star is reportedly trying to force his way out of the team after receiving a lot of criticism due to his performances in the 2021 NBA playoff. 

Moreover, his relationship with Doc Rivers isn't good, which can lead to his departure sooner than later. A couple of days ago, reports suggested Ben had cut any communication with the franchise, leaving his agent Rich Paul to do all the talking, trying to get out of the Wells Fargo Center. 

Simmons hasn't even talked with teammates, and Danny Green confirmed that recently, revealing he hasn't spoken to the Australian player in two months. 

“Last time I spoke to Ben was probably around the Fourth of July weekend,” Green said this week, via Justin Grasso of FanNation. “It was just early to try to give him his space. I know a lot of people, the media is on his head, a lot of people talking about him. Ben’s not a text type of guy, so I sent a text, and he’ll respond a little bit later randomly, but he’s more of a FaceTime type of guy. I haven’t spoken to him in a little while. I haven’t been able to FaceTime him. I have a lot going on with the wedding, so there’s a lot going on on my end as well.”

Green also had a lot of things to do during the offseason, especially with his contract negotiations. He finally agreed to return to the Sixers, staying with them for two years and $20 million. 

Simmons seems to be on his way out of Philly after the latest developments. Things aren't good between him and the franchise. We could be living Simmons' last days in Philadelphia, with reports suggesting he could be used to get Portland Trail Blazers' Damian Lillard