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Darko Milicic Responds To Carmelo Anthony’s Recent Comments

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony recently made a big statement when he claimed he would have won ‘two or three rings’ if he was drafted by the Detroit Pistons back in 2003. That year’s draft was completely stacked, but there were some surprises, including Darko Milicic going as the second overall pick for the Detroit Pistons.

Melo would go to the Denver Nuggets with the 3rd pick, becoming a big figure in Denver, but he never was able to win a title with the team. Instead, Milicic would win the 2004 title with Detroit and would play the Finals the next year.

Anthony and Dwyane Wade went live on Instagram to discuss a lot of things, including Melo’s draft night and his career if he was drafted by the Pistons, claiming he would have two or three rings at home right now. Wade said he thought Anthony was going to be the number one pick of that draft before the Cleveland Cavaliers selected LeBron James and the Pistons went for Milicic, with Melo even asking who Darko was.

Now, the Serbian player has replied to these comments, sending a message to Wade, Anthony, and anybody who doesn’t know what he went through in his life.

Via B92:

"As for these stories, so if my story is not told, thank God they have succeeded - I have not. We are not kids, we are adults, I hope you are ripe to understand that life is full of ups and downs. I consider myself less good guys, it is not necessary to judge and ridicule when, thank God, you have not passed the path that I am. To them, as always, I wish everyone good and every honor in their careers and in further life a lot of success and less condemnation," Darko said.

Milicic has never been uncomfortable talking about his career and doesn’t seem to have a problem accepting the fact that he didn’t live up to the expectations. He went through a lot of stuff in his life, even after he made it to the league. Now he seems to be in peace with himself and the rest of the world.

Wade retired after last season finished, having won three rings and becoming one of the best players in his position of all time.

Melo, on the other side, is still trying to get that ring that’s been elusive for him.