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Davidson College President Does Infamous 'Night-Night' Celebration During Stephen Curry's Graduation Ceremony

Davidson College President Does Infamous 'Night-Night' Celebration During Stephen Curry's Graduation Ceremony

Stephen Curry is a sensation like very few have been before in the NBA. His enigmatic playing style attracts fans from all over the world while he continues to deliver as a winner on the NBA court. Curry won his 4th championship with the Golden State Warriors this past season and will look to add a 5th next year. In the offseason, Curry decided to get his degree from Davidson College.

Curry played for Davidson College but left to declare for the 2009 NBA Draft. Having made all his NBA dreams come true, Curry went back to get the degree he never finished. He was a part of the college's graduation ceremony and is easily one of the most high-profile graduate of the college ever.

The graduation ceremony saw Curry walk across the stage and collect his degree while the University retired his No. 30 jersey. During the commencement speech made by College President Doug Hicks, he imitated Curry's iconic 'night-night' celebration on stage and got a great reaction from the crowd and Curry himself.  

The 'night-night' celebration has spread across the world over the summer after Curry popularized it during the 2022 NBA Playoffs, especially in the Finals against the Boston Celtics.

From European footballers to kids on a court, everyone has been doing the celebration. While Curry has been flattered with the attention his celebration has received, he understands that all of this could come back to bite him next season. The only way to continue the popularity of the celebration is by continuing to use it after creating winning situations for the Warriors.

Golden State is one of the favorites to win the NBA title this season and could be poised for a title repeat. Curry is going to be the primary vehicle behind making that a reality, but his core teammates in, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, will look to be the veterans as a new generation of stars on the team begin to step up.