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DeMarcus Cousins Plans To Sign A One-Year Deal With The Milwaukee Bucks

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(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

DeMarcus Cousins was once regarded as a supreme offensive talent and one of the best centers in the league. In his prime, he was a center that could score from anywhere, banging inside the post with other big men, but also stepping out and hitting some 3PT shots.

While he has had some injury woes that sapped him of his athleticism, DeMarcus Cousins showed that he was still a solid role player with the Los Angeles Clippers. He averaged 7.8 PPG and 4.5 RPG in 12.9 MPG with the Clippers, while also shooting 42.1% from beyond the arc. It is clear that he could still be effective if not asked to carry a heavy load on offense.

While DeMarcus Cousins has been a free agent for quite some time, it seems as though he will finally get another chance in the NBA. Adrian Wojnarowski revealed that DeMarcus Cousins plans to sign a one-year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks. It is quite possible that he could help them in the rotation.

Free agent center DeMarcus Cousins plans to sign a one-year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, source tells ESPN.

Bucks kept an open roster spot, needed size and will bring Cousins into a strong culture on a non-guaranteed deal. Cousins played well for Clippers in significant stretches a season ago, and stayed in shape awaiting an opportunity. Now Cousins gets a deal on the defending champs.

It is definitely good to see Cousins get another shot in the league. While many have written him off, it seems as though the Bucks see something that they like. Cousins is still useful as a floor spacer and rebounder.

We'll see how well DeMarcus Cousins' tenure with the Milwaukee Bucks goes. The Milwaukee Bucks are looking to repeat this year, and get another championship with Giannis Antetokounmpo. Hopefully, this acquisition helps them get closer to that goal.