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Dennis Rodman On His Current Relationship With Michael Jordan: "When I Go Back To Fort Lauderdale, I Am Probably Going To Hang Out At His House For A Couple Of Days To See What’s Up."

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Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan go way back. They initially were fierce rivals when MJ tried to get past the 'Bad Boys' Detroit Pistons and then became teammates on the Chicago Bulls, where they won three championships together. 

Their relationship wasn't always the best, but they appear to be on good terms after several years. Rodman had stated he never spoke to Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen outside an NBA court, yet they won three championships in a row. 

That is part of the past now, as Dennis recently revealed he always keeps in touch with Michael Jordan, even saying when will be the next time he sees His Airness. In a recent appearance on the Full Send Podcast, The Worm opened up on his current relationship with MJ (4:51). 

“We stay in touch. I saw him the other day. He was in Maryland, I was in Maryland. When I go back to Fort Lauderdale, I am probably going to hang out at his house for a couple of days to see what’s up.”

They came a long way from battling it out to come out of the East to joining forces and create one of the best teams in NBA history. Their personalities were very different, but that never prevented them from finding success in the league. 

After spending three years together, they took separate ways, but their friendship grew. Now Dennis even visits Jordan and is always talking to him. Not bad for two men that almost hated each other when the Bulls and Pistons went at it.