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Dennis Schroder Says LeBron James Told Him He Was "Glad" To Have Him Back: "It's Unfinished Business."

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The Los Angeles Lakers have recently signed point guard Dennis Schroder on a minimum contract after he had a strong showing at the 2022 EuroBasket tournament for Germany.

Many fans are excited to have Dennis Schroder back, and he will bring a much-needed boost to the team on both sides of the ball. Rob Pelinka has already stated that he will give the team an "on-ball defensive presence" and noted that the team is "excited" for Dennis Schroder to come to training camp.

We are extremely pleased to welcome Dennis back to the Lakers. Not only do Dennis and Coach Ham share a player-coach history together, but they also reflect one another’s mentality of toughness with an extremely competitive edge. Dennis will add both depth and an on-ball defensive presence to our core at the guard position. He is also a proven scorer and playmaker. We are really excited for Dennis to get to camp and get back to work in L.A. after his highly successful run with his national team this offseason.

Though Dennis Schroder is not guaranteed a starting spot as of right now, he will likely have a significant role with the Los Angeles Lakers. It seems as though another prominent figure within the organization besides Rob Pelinka is excited about the point guard's arrival.

Dennis Schroder Thinks He And LeBron James Have Unfinished Business With Lakers

Dennis Schroder has recently revealed that he has already been in contact with star LeBron James about next season, claiming that LeBron James told him "he was glad" to have the point guard back. He noted that he and LeBron James have "unfinished business" on the Lakers and added that the team would "try to go for something" this upcoming season. Donatas Urbonas of BasketNews relayed Schroder's words.

“I can’t wait,” he said. “I’ve been talking to him. I can’t wait to go back. I want to go for something this time.

“LeBron said he was glad he got me back,” Schroder added. “It’s unfinished business. That year when I was there, there were no fans. There was COVID, everybody was hurt. This year hopefully, everything stays good, everybody stays healthy, and then we’ll try to go for something.”

Hopefully, we see Dennis Schroder thrive during his second stint with the Los Angeles Lakers. He could potentially play well off of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and Schroder projects as a solid facilitating point guard as a starter or as a good sixth man.

The Los Angeles Lakers should be a much better defensive team next year, with Dennis Schroder being a huge part of that. Hopefully, we see the team have an improved record under coach Darvin Ham, and perhaps they'll even become dark horse contenders.