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Denver Nuggets Have The Tallest Starting Lineup In NBA History

Credit: Sam Melvin

Credit: Sam Melvin

The Denver Nuggets did something unique on Wednesday when they sent a big lineup to face the Washington Wizards in the first scrimmage game ahead of the NBA resumption. The Nuggets have a very good roster and they can mix their pieces without any problem since, as we saw on Wednesday, they will play well at any position.

Michael Malone took some risks against Washington and picked the tallest lineup in NBA history against the Wizards, with Nikola Jokic (7'0) starting as the point guard and Bol Bol (7'2) as small forward. These players are 7 footers and have great passing skills and can handle the ball. Besides, 6-foot-8 Jerami Grant joined Jokic in the backcourt, 6-foot-7 Paul Millsap played as power forward and they put 6-foot-11 Mason Plumlee at center.

This was indeed a shocking move. Nobody expected to see this on Wednesday but the Nuggets did so and it worked just fine for them. They beat Washington and showed that they have more tools to win games than people believe. Even without Jamal Murray, they managed to dominate the Wizards, who aren't precisely the best team in the league.

Denver Nuggets have an anti-Rockets squad with Nikola Jokic at point guard and Bol Bol at small forward.

It will be interesting to see if Malone plays this lineup once the league resumes. They played very well and fans have plenty of reasons to be excited about their team.