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Derrick Rose On His Longevity: "I'm Trying To Tom Brady This Thing."

Derrick Rose

If you know anything about Derrick Rose, you'll know his NBA career has come with a lot of setbacks.

During the height of his powers, Rose went down with an ACL tear that would launch a series of devastating injuries. In his final four years in Chicago, Rose missed over 120 games and the guy has not been the same player since.

But while DRose's body may be what it used to be, his spirit and heart have not broken.

In fact, as he told the media ahead of Thursday's game against his former team, the Knicks guard isn't even thinking about quitting now.

"I'm trying to Tom Brady this thing. Play as long as possible. Make sure I really take care of my body. And while I'm playing, play with joy. I don't have to score 30 points a night anymore to affect the game. I can come out and do what I gotta do. I got a great supporting cast with Ju everybody in the starting five, even the guys on the bench, we have a great rhythm so I just got to play my game and whatever the game presents, I have to be ready for it."

Like NFL superstar Tom Brady, Derrick Rose is aiming to extend his playing career for as long as possible -- a noble and admirable goal.

Rose, 33, is nearing the last phase of his storied journey. At this point, he is no longer a star but he remains a valuable and reliable player in the league.

Most of all, he is setting an example for his teammates, not only as a competitor but also as a leader.

This season, the Knicks are hoping to build upon the inspiring run they had last in their campaign. With Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, Evan Fournier, and (of course) Derrick Rose, they have a good chance at picking up right where they left off.

Regarding when the end will come for the former MVP, that much remains to be seen, but the guy has no plans to step down anytime soon.