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Doc Rivers Addresses His Coaching Future After Being Booted From Playoffs: "I Don't Worry About My Job. I Think I Do A Terrific Job."

Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers was recently named one of the NBA's 15 greatest coaches ever. It's not hard to see why. He's had great success with his teams and has brought out the best in many of his players.

But after another failed campaign in Philadelphia, there is a sense his tenure as coach of the team is coming to an end. In his post-game chat with the media, he addressed his uncertain future and took a jab at those calling for his job:

"I don't worry about my job. I think I do a terrific job and if you don't, you should write it. Because I worked my butt off to get this team here. When I first got here, no one picked us to go anywhere. Again, this year, the same thing. So it that's how anyone feels, write it and I'm gonna feel secure about it."

All things considered, Doc Rivers has a pretty illustrious coaching resume. He's got a 58% win record in 23 years on the job, which includes stints with the Magic, Celtics, Clippers, and (of course) the 76ers. He also led Boston to the title in 2008.

Sadly, the future is only filled with uncertainty for Doc, who is rumored to be on the hot seat after Philly's latest meltdown:

"The Sixers as a whole have the pressure to get deep into the playoffs," said Jamie Apody. "They've only gotten out of the second round two times since 1986, this would be the second time if they were to do it. That's a long time... They (Philly fans) are not big fans of Doc Rivers right now. I think Philadelphia 76ers fans see Rivers as getting into the team's way. Should the Sixers get bounced early, that's gonna be Rivers' head for sure."

It remains to be seen if Daryl Morey will keep Rivers on board, but there are a few names he can look at if he decides to let him go. Mike D'Antoni, Quin Snyder, and others have already been thrown in as potential candidates to land the job. Whatever the case, the Sixers have a big decision to make about their coach and it could have huge implications on how the Embiid/Harden era ends in Philly.