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Doc Rivers Reveals His All-Time Starting Five

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers has revealed his all-time starting five, and it's a tall one. Maybe the tallest of all time. Joined by his son Austin Rivers on the GO OFF podcast, Doc talked about his all-time starting lineup, picking big names, figuratively and literally speaking.

"I'm going Kareem at the center," Rivers said. "I'm going Tim Duncan at the four, because those both are two-way players. I'm going Michael, and Magic at the one and two. This may be the biggest team ever. And then LeBron at the three."

He favored size there, and even though Austin said he needed some 3-point shooting, Doc was firm on his position. The Clippers coach also had a top-five shooting squad.

"Dirk at the five," Rivers said. "I would put Durant at the three. Steph at the point, because that's what you'd need. I would put Kobe in there because of his ability to drive. Now the whole team changes. At the four I couldn't even come up with one."

When Austin tried to change his father's mind, saying that Ray Allen should be in his lineup, Doc replies that Kobe's shooting abilities would get a lot better if he's surrounded by good shooters.

"They took a lot of tough shots right," Rivers said. "Put them on a team where they're taking easy shots. Where a lot of their shots can be spot up. It would be interesting to see how great of a shooter they were. The Klay Thompsons of the world are taking great shots, through ball movement."

You can agree or disagree with him, but Rivers strongly believes in his lineups. Nobody is going to change his mind.