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"Doc Rivers Traded For Paul George, Who Cheated On His Daughter With A Stripper. Now He Traded Away That Daughter's Husband", Jokes NBA Fan

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The James Harden trade to the Philadelphia 76ers didn't just involve a clean James Harden-Ben Simmons swap. The Philadelphia 76ers were forced to send out more assets to complete the deal.

One of the players that were sent out by the Philadelphia 76ers was Seth Curry. Notably, Seth Curry is married to Doc Rivers' daughter. He even joked about Seth Curry earlier this week, claiming that he didn't see anything in Seth Curry when he got traded to the 76ers and added that he was more excited to spend more time with his daughter.

A fan recently roasted Doc Rivers underneath a Twitter post that was talking about Doc Rivers canceling practice "so he could say goodbye to his grandkids". The fan noted that Rivers traded for Paul George, who cheated on Rivers' daughter with a stripper, and added that Rivers traded away "that daughter's husband" which is obviously Seth Curry. The fan concluded his statement by sarcastically commenting that Rivers is "father of the decade".

He traded for PG, the guy who cheated on his daughter with a stripper. Now he traded away that daughter's husband. Wild. Father of the decade

There is no doubt that this was an interesting observation by the fan. While Doc Rivers clearly isn't directly responsible for either the Los Angeles Clippers or the Philadelphia 76ers' moves, it would make sense for each respective franchise to loop him into their decision-making process. 

The Philadelphia 76ers definitely benefited from the trade though, even if they had to give up Seth Curry in the process. James Harden is one of the best guards in the league, and his partnership with Joel Embiid could potentially yield a championship for the team. Hopefully, we see them become a true championship contender going forward, and there is no question things look bright for Philadelphia.