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Doris Burke: "LeBron James Is The Greatest Player Of His Generation And Perhaps The Greatest Player Of All Time"


Doris Burke is one of the most likable NBA analysts out there. The ESPN talent has earned the love of plenty of fans during her career but just like the rest of the people, she has some detractors that don't like her style. 

For instance, fans don't like the fact that she's always talking about LeBron James and claiming that the King is the best of the best. Recently, she had the chance to analyze some tweets and one of those talked about Bron. 

The 55-year-old made a case for the Los Angeles Lakers superstar, picking him as the best player of his generation and probably the greatest player of all time (1:00).

"Her love for LeBron is OD," someone said. 

"Well, I don't know what OD stands for. But LeBron James is the greatest player of his generation and perhaps the greatest player of all time. So I can promise you this, when the King is playing, I'm gonna absolutely enjoy it. My only wish is that you would enjoy it as much as I do," Burke replied

Somebody also mentioned that she had mentioned LeBron James 10 times within a few minutes of a game, and Burke made a similar statement. 

"He's the greatest player of his generation. I can't help it that the guy's got titles and MVPs and Finals MVPs. If he's working, I've gotta talk about him." 

You can say she is an avid fan of James and isn't afraid of showing that. LeBron is really great; he has earned his stripes, but still, some people believe that analysts talk about him just to praise him nonstop and increase his legacy. As if Bron needed that. 

It's time to start appreciating this man. Unfortunately, he's not getting any younger and even though he keeps dominating at age 36, it won't be long until we see his decline.