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Draymond Green Brilliantly Breaks Down James Wiseman's Defensive Improvements And Areas For Growth

Draymond Green Brilliantly Breaks Down James Wiseman's Defensive Improvements And Areas For Growth

Draymond Green has been given the job to mentor James Wiseman, the Golden State Warriors rookie big man who only played three games in college before declaring eligible for the NBA draft. Wiseman was still selected at No. 2 back in November and his development this season will be crucial for the Warriors and their hopes to make the postseason.

That's why they have Draymond the job to take care of the young player and lead him until he fulfills his potential. Green can't be more excited about it and he didn't hesitate to throw some flowers at Wiseman and his talent. During a recent press conference, the former Defensive Player of the Year talked about his pupil and all the things he can achieve in the league.

He explained he feels Wiseman has a lot of room to improve and he won't miss the chance to learn from one of the smartest and best defenders in the league. The responsibility is bigger for him now after the Dubs lost Klay Thompson and need any help they can get.

Wiseman is ready for the challenge and now that Green is back, he will take things to the next level. A couple of days ago Draymond had expressed something similar, even claiming that Wiseman has the potential to become an All-Star.

"I think he has the opportunity or the chance to be an All-Star or a premier player in this league. He has a lot of growth, a lot of room for growth — which is exciting. The things he’s able to do on the floor now that he don’t really understand — the pro game. He don’t understand coverages, he don’t understand offensive spacing, he don’t understand none of that stuff and it’s not his fault. It’s just kind of a thing that comes with time. But to do the things out that he’s able to do out there on the floor without having an understanding of anything other than what he’s personally capable of doing, it’s pretty special. I think he’s going to be a really special player in this league and definitely for this organization."

He's the future of the Warriors and they will try to capitalize on having Curry, Green, Thompson and Wiseman on the court as much as they can. Things aren't easy for the Dubs this season but they're ready to compete against anybody.