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Draymond Green Is Fired Up After Losing To 76ers: "It’s Been A Couple Years Since Losing A Game Bothered Me This Much."

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Draymond Green

Draymond Green is one of the best defenders in the league and is one of the candidates to get the DPOY award this season. However, in the last two years, it seems as though many people forgot just how good the Golden State Warriors forward is.

The Warriors have a 21-5 record, and it's obvious that they're back to their contending ways. Many thought that the Warriors dynasty was over, but perhaps they'll be able to win a title this season.

The team's most recent loss came against the Philadelphia 76ers, who frustrated the Warriors in multiple ways. They had Draymond Green in foul trouble, as well as playing good defense against superstar Stephen Curry, preventing him from breaking the 3PT record. It is clear that this was not the best outing for the Golden State Warriors.

As a result of the loss, it seems as though Draymond Green is feeling motivated than ever. Green has recently took to Twitter to state that he has not been this bothered by a loss for "a couple of years", and claimed that "this is good", perhaps referring to the loss fueling him.

It’s been a couple years since losing a game bothered me this much… This is Good

There is no question that the Golden State Warriors will need Draymond Green's defense, playmaking, and experience to get far in the playoffs. His unique skill set has allowed the Warriors to play the way they play for many years now, and he's always been touted as the heart and soul of the Warriors. It can only mean good things for the team if he's fired up and ready to go get more wins.

The Golden State Warriors are 21-5, with the 2nd best record in the Western Conference. Hopefully, we see this keep going. It's good to see the Warriors get back to winning ways, and seeing them back in the playoffs will be special.