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Kendrick Perkins On Draymond Green: 'For Those That Don’t Understand Why Numbers Do Lie At Times, Heart And Soul!'

Draymond Green

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Draymond Green is getting a lot of praise around the league for his impact on the Golden State Warriors ever since he returned from an injury. The Warriors are now playing great basketball and Green has played a key role in that situation. The team looked lost on the floor before Green returned and now things are getting better.

After a very complex 2019/20 NBA season, the Warriors entered this one with not so much expectations, especially with the injury of Klay Thompson, who will miss his second full season. The picture didn't look that well for the Dubs, who only had Stephen Curry leading them at the start of the season. That changed when Green arrived and put everything in its place for the Dubs.

Now they're 6-4 as one of the best teams in the West and mostly thanks to Green's collaboration and the help he provides to Stephen Curry. Former NBA player-turned-analyst Kendrick Perkins have reacted to these performances, praising Green for his good moment, while making it clear that there are things that matter a lot and they don't necessarily need to be shown on the stat line.

"For those that don’t understand why numbers do lie at times, heart and soul! Just saying tho..." Perkins wrote on Twitter with a picture of Green, his numbers, and the record the Warriors have had since he made his return.

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A lot of fans have criticized Green because he's not as flashy as his teammates. He is not a scorer, he's not like Curry or Thompson, he wasn't like Kevin Durant but Draymond has always known his role on the court and he's done a great job at it. Those are the things that people often don't see, but Green is a great player and nobody can deny that.