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Draymond Green Lauds Commissioner Adam Silver: "He's One Of The Best CEOs Of A Major Corporation In The World."

Adam Silver

Adam Silver is one of the best sports league commissioners, and there's no doubt that he has accomplished a lot during his tenure. Many people respect the direction in which he has taken the league.

One of the changes that Adam Silver has overseen is the addition of a play-in tournament. Many have lauded the quality of games played, and even players are fans of it.

Kyle Kuzma: Play in was a Fabulous idea

Draymond Green: At this point if you don’t appreciate the play in tournament, you’re just stubborn and stuck in your ways. LIT!!! I’m locked in! Tough to win in the Q during the playoffs!

Draymond Green clearly liked the play-in tournament added by Adam Silver, and it seems as though he is a fan of Adam Silver in general. Green claimed that calling Adam Silver simply "the best commissioner" in sports is "kind of disrespectful" because he's "one of the best CEOs of a major corporation". 

To call Adam Silver the best commissioner in all of sports at this point is kind of disrespectful. He’s one of the best CEOs of a major corporation in the WORLD… just finished watching his PC. Very very very impressive.

Adam Silver has overseen a great era of basketball, and the game has become a truly global sport. He has had to make tough decisions as well, and it's not as though his time leading the NBA has been smooth sailing.

Hopefully, the league continues to grow under Adam Silver's leadership. There's no doubt that more and more people are flocking to the game, and the depth of talent in the league is at an all-time high. There's a lot to like about modern basketball, and we'll have to wait to see what further additions to the league Adam Silver will implement in the future.