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Draymond Green On Why He Doesn't Fear The Suns: "You Won't Find A Game When Me, Steph And Wiggs Will Play Worse Than Last Night."

Draymond Green On Why He Doesn't Fear The Suns: "You Won't Find A Game When Me, Steph And Wiggs Will Play Worse Than On Tuesday."

After facing the Phoenix Suns for the first time this season, taking an L at the Footprint Center, the Golden State Warriors are ready to get revenge this Friday. The Dubs had a chance to win the game until the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, when Chris Paul and co. took over, shutting down the Warriors' attempts to take the game. 

It was a 104-96 win for the Suns, who extended their winning streak to 17 games. Now, the challenge is different for Golden State. They will host Phoenix at the Chase Center, hoping to get payback and demonstrate why they are the best team in the league right now. 

Draymond Green is confident the team can get things going this Friday since they played bad on Tuesday and still had a good chance of leaving Arizona with the win. Talking on his "The Draymond Green Show," the former Defensive Player of the Year explained why he's not scared of the Suns ahead of their second game of the season (0:22). 

"It was a very important game, and Phoenix took the game. My assessments on the game: I think, number one, you gotta get Phoenix a lot of credit, their defense was very stellar, they did an incredible job. They made the plays they needed to make down the stretch offensively. And then, we were on the road, with 23 turnovers, and yet with 2:30 minutes to go I had a left-hand layup streaking down the middle of the floor, with a chance to cut it to one. I love where we are, still as a team, I'm not sure you will find a game where myself, Steph [Curry] and Wiggs will play worse than we played last night. We still had a chance to win that game right down the stretch, three minutes to go."

Draymond remains confident that the team can turn things around and play a lot better than they did on Tuesday. Stephen Curry just had one of the worst games of his career while taking 20 shots, which perfectly explains why the team couldn't have a better performance. 

As Green said, he missed a big shot when the Suns had a 3-point lead. He missed the layup and gave Phoenix the chance to make the play on the other end. They took off and drifted away from the Warriors, ultimately getting the win that extended their impressive run. 

They'll clash again tomorrow in the rematch of one of the most anticipated games of the season, between the best teams in the league. Draymond said it well, it'll be hard to see them having low games like that, and the Suns should be aware of what's coming.