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Draymond Green Says Charles Barkley Is 'Jealous' Of His Success: 'I Made The Money And Won The Championships'

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green keeps taking shots at NBA legend Charles Barkley, as their beef doesn't seem to have a foreseeable ending. Draymond has been making some big headlines in recent days and this one wasn't the exception.

He joined 'All The Smoke' podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, where he took the opportunity to send another message to Chuck. Green said he was more impactful to the game that Barkley ever was, listing off all the things he's racked up in his career so far and comparing them to Barkley's accolades.

"I got a lot of respect for Charles Barkley the basketball player," Green said. “As a fan of basketball growing up, Charles Barkley was a great basketball player."

It was a good start for Draymond, but that was anything but the end of his words for the former Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers player.

“He never won s---, Green said. “Charles Barkley has had this beef with me since I started coming up in this league. It’s always him throwing a shot.

“Honestly, it’s jealousy. It’s jealousy that somebody the same as him or smaller can come in the league and have the success I’ve had, made the money I’ve made, win the championships I’ve won. These are all things that Charles Barkley wasn’t able to do. Granted, he made a lot of money for his time ... it’s not my fault I benefited from the money going up.

“He scored more points than me, ight cool, but that don’t necessarily mean you had more impact on the game than me.”

This season the pair took their personal beef to the next level, with Barkley taking big shots at Green, mocking him for his 'triple-single' numbers he's averaging without Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson playing by his side.

Green has struggled this season to get things on the right track, but the Warriors faced the absences of their best two players, making things a lot harder for them. Draymond is not known for his offensive skills, so there was little to nothing he could do to prevent his team from being the worst squad in the league.

Barkley has attacked the 3x NBA champion every time he's had the chance, but now Green is the one taking the shots. While Green is a three-time NBA winner, Chuck could never win a ring in a great career. That is the only thing he missed during his NBA tenure, and probably the most hurtful thing to hear from Draymond.