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Draymond Green Says His Favorite Stephen Curry Moment Is Game 4 Of 2022 Finals: "Biggest Moment In Steph's Career."

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Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is one of the greatest players of all time, and there's no doubt that he's had a lot of spectacular performances over the course of his long career. As the No. 1 offensive option on the Warriors, Curry has had some insane scoring explosions in the playoffs on his way to four NBA championships.

Draymond Green revealed that his favorite Stephen Curry moment was Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Finals. The Warriors beat the Celtics 107-97, behind a 43-point double-double from Stephen Curry. Green stated that he felt as though this was the "biggest moment" of Stephen Curry's entire career.

“My all-time favorite Steph moment was Game 4 of this year’s Finals. You saw something different. You saw that he wasn’t going to allow us to lose. Like, you just…it was different. So I gotta pick that moment. I feel like that was the biggest moment in Steph’s career. He lived up to the hype. Delivered.”

There's no doubt that Stephen Curry proved all the naysayers wrong by winning a championship and his first Finals MVP this season. Many now consider him a top-10 player of all time, and some, like Bobby Marks, even believe that he is the 2nd best player ever behind Michael Jordan.

I'm going to stun you with this take here. I actually think Steph Curry is the second-best player of all time. Right behind Michael Jordan. Curry has this instinct what I saw with Jordan. Anytime he has the ball you think it's going to go in. He is a threat offensively. I think we've got 3 or 4 more years of Curry in his prime right now... I would put Curry ahead of LeBron James right now, as far as that No. 2 guy behind Michael Jordan... He'll be a solid No. 2 when we get to 3 or 4 years from now.

There is definitely a scenario where Stephen Curry ends up winning more championships in the future. The Warriors have a lot of talent on their roster, and they look like they could be a good team for years to come.

Of course, the Western Conference has a lot of good teams, and there's no guarantee that the Warriors do make it back to the Finals. However, with Stephen Curry leading the team, they'll likely be confident in their chances, and they are likely the favorites to win it all next year.