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Draymond Green Says Steph Curry's All-Time 3-Point Record Will Be Broken: "It'll Probably Only Take Someone 5-6 More Years..."

Steph Curry

After Wednesday night's 22-point performance against the Blazers, Steph Curry now sits just 20 makes behind Ray Allen on the All-Time 3-pointers list.

Obviously, breaking the All-Time record would solidify Curry's claim as the best shooter ever. But don't be surprised if that record doesn't hold for long.

As Draymond Green brilliantly explained on 'The Draymond Green Show,' Curry's place at the top of the list is bound to be surpassed in the near future.

Here's why:

"Steph Curry's three-point record will 100% be broken. From the time he's done playing, it'll probably only take someone 5-6 more years to break that record, if that. The reason being, Trae Young comes into the NBA attempting probably 6-7 three-pointers a game. Donovan Mitchell comes into the NBA attempting probably 6-7 three-pointers a game. Steph Curry came into the NBA attempting 2 or 3 three-pointers a game because it's just a totally different ball game -- in large part due to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

I can think back to the beginning of the Championship run where everybody from Charles Barkley to all the people in the media saying 'a jump-shooting team cannot win a Championship, they'll never win, they're a jump-shooting team, those guys shoot too many threes.'"

(start at 3:30)

Curry didn't start averaging more than 5 attempts per game from downtown until his fourth season in the league, at which point he was already 24-years-old.

Over the following years, he developed into the superstar we know him as today: a 7x All-Star, 2x MVP, and 3x Champion.

Ironically, it is Curry's own mastery of the three that has ensured the younger generation of stars will eventually surpass him.

In today's shoot-first NBA, which Curry himself launched, guys like Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, and LaMelo Ball are already on pace to set a new standard for shooting.

It really makes you wonder what kind of players will come after them...