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Dwight Howard Responds To Fan Who Asks How The Lakers Will Gel: "Bruh, We’ve Been Playing AAU And Basketball Aur Whole Life!"

Dwight Howard

In the NBA, just as in any other sport, teams that have the best roster are always the teams we consider the best.

Talent matters and some teams have more than others.

Of course, when it comes down to winning, especially in the playoffs, things get a little more complicated. Sometimes, it's not always about which team has the best roster, it's about how well the players on that gel together.

For the Los Angeles, Lakers, there is a lot of concern about how their collection of talent will fit, especially given that many of them are well beyond 30.

In a recent Instagram Live session, one fan presented the same concern to Lakers big man Dwight Howard, who delivered a pretty solid rebuttal:

“Bruh, we’ve been playing AAU and basketball our whole life! We’re trying to win. Ain’t no egos. Ain’t nobody going out there by themselves,” he stated.

The doubters will persist, as they always do, but the Lakers themselves remain confident that their experience gives them an edge.

“That’s a fact. Ain’t nobody saying nothing that isn’t a fact," said Carmelo Anthony. "We old as hell… But I just think what we all bring to the table is a wisdom that a lot of people don’t have. The way we’re going to be able to come together, hold each other accountable, have each other’s backs. We have the most knowledge on this one team than the whole NBA. So if we can’t put something together and make that work, that’s on us. That’s something I’m looking forward to, we all talked about it, all discussed it. We know what’s at stake, we’re going to have fun with this journey…”

It remains to be seen what the Lakers are able to do this upcoming season. Are they too old? Do they have enough? Can they beat out the Nets?

Whatever the case, there is no doubt that the team is pumped about what is to come. So why shouldn't we be?