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Dwyane Wade Reveals Some Disturbing Details Behind Chris Bosh's Blood Clots: "One Moment We're In A Plane Flying To All-Star Weekend... Next Time I Seen Him, He Was In A Hospital With Tubes In His Chest And His Mouth."

(via The Boston Globe)

(via The Boston Globe)

As much as we all hate to see NBA players go down with injury, there's so much we don't see behind the scenes.

In the case of Chris Bosh, and his battle with blood clots, there was so much more on the line than just his basketball future. And while Bosh is, fortunately, in control of the situation, it doesn't erase how scary the whole thing was. On TNT, Dwyane Wade (who was a teammate of Bosh during his final seasons) described a little bit about what it was like to see him endure that crisis.

"I was in Miami when he went down with blood clots. We didn't know a lot about it. One moment we're in a plane flying to All-Star Weekend... Next time I seen him, he was in a hospital with tubes in his chest & his mouth. At that moment, it's real life man. People don't see that."

It's easy to take for granted the health and durability of our favorite players. But, often, injuries go beyond the scope of the game. For Bosh, he found out for himself how hard and terrible blood clots can be, and it's a battle he'll have to fight for the rest of his life.

While has was robbed of the final years of his basketball career, he does have his life back, and seems to be doing just fine.