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Enes Freedom Blasts NBA Owners: "There Are 50 NBA Owners - Are Making Profit Off Of Slave Labor"

Enes Freedom Blasts NBA Owners: "There Are 50 NBA Owners - Are Making Profit Off Of Slave Labor"

Enes Freedom Kanter has made a lot of noise off the NBA court than on it in recent times. He is currently a free agent after the Houston Rockets waived him in February earlier this year and he has had plenty of free time on his hands to tackle social injustice.

He has been full of praise for the US Government and had a birthday party thrown for him at the FBI as well. While he has reserved praise for them, the NBA definitely has been on the receiving end of criticism from Kanter. He believes he has been blackballed by the NBA and has called out the league as well as some of its superstars for staying silent on social issues with regard to countries like China. He was on the "Ingraham Angle" on Friday when he decided to speak up on the matter once again:

"Human rights violations happen all around the world. We have to call them out like it is. And… for the NBA, moral[ity] matter[s] until money or business are involved. So that is the one thing that was breaking my heart. And all these owners — there are 50 NBA owners — are making profit off of slave labor."

"So we have to call them out because they love to sit down and give us all the social justice talk to us. But in reality, they're scared. They're only talking about the things that are happening in America. But when… the things that they talk about [affect] their money or pocket, they're going to stay silent and we have to keep exposing them."

"I just wish just only please god send me one more player to just stand by me so we can just expose this whole truth and show the whole world that what's really going on."

It is safe to say that these comments aren't going to help his prospects of returning to an NBA court. It also seems like Kanter doesn't believe he is going to get another chance, and it looks like he is in his comfort zone on this new path that he has chosen for himself.

He had previously called out the league for their decision to hold pre-season games in the UAE in 2022 and we can expect to hear more from Kanter, as he doesn't seem likely to stay quiet on these matters regarding the NBA.