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ESPN And Rachel Nichols Agree To Settlement Package After Maria Taylor Comments

ESPN And Rachel Nichols Agree To Settlement Package After Maria Taylor Comments

Rachel Nichols is no longer a part of ESPN. The former host of 'The Jump' and longtime ESPN reporter landed herself in hot water during the summer when some offensive remarks from her regarding Maria Taylor and her recent role in ESPN's NBA Finals coverage surfaced.

During a private conversation, Nichols was heard saying that she is happy for Maria Taylor replacing her, but she thought that she felt that Taylor was getting the opportunity because of ESPN's poor track record when it comes to diversity and inclusivity.

“I wish Maria Taylor all the success in the world — she covers football, she covers basketball. If you need to give her more things to do because you are feeling pressure about your crappy longtime record on diversity — which, by the way, I know personally from the female side of it — like, go for it. Just find it somewhere else. You are not going to find it from me or taking my thing away.”

As a result, her show 'The Jump' was canceled in the summer. And now, Nichols is done with ESPN for good. She and ESPN recently reached an agreement over her settlement package to leave the organization. Neither she nor the organization has commented on it. And it is unlikely that they will address it, as it could bring unwanted attention to the controversy they are trying to put behind them.

It remains to be seen what Nichols chooses to do with her career going forward. She joined ESPN in 2004 and left them to join CNN in 2013. She returned to ESPN in 2016, where she worked until last year. With a whole new slate of opportunities, it will be interesting to see where she ends up. But with the current controversy surrounding her comments about Taylor, she may not find it easy to find a new job.