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ESPN Totally Destroyed Jalen Rose On "Get Up" Morning Show

(via Get Up)

(via Get Up)

It'd be a stretch to call former NBA player (and current basketball analyst) Jalen Rose a LeBron James hater. But he has dished out more his fair share of criticisms to James over the years. Back in February, he even talked about how Bron's age was beginning to show in his game.

While it is true that LeBron is not nearly as athletic as he once was, the King is still managing to keep his game at the highest level. At 35-years-old, he's averaging 25.7 points, 10.6 assists, and 7.9 rebounds per game on 49% shooting.

What better way to show LeBron's defiance of Father Time than by comparing his numbers to their favorite colleague, Jalen Rose. On Get Up, they put up a side-by-side comparison.

True, the Get Up crew got their opportunity to flame Jalen, but the point they were making still stands. While Jalen may not be the best player to compare to LeBron, hardly anyone in the NBA has put up his numbers at such an advanced age.

What he's doing this season truly special and, honestly, it's a miracle happening before our very eyes. It's unfortunate that Jalen had to be caught in the crosshairs though...