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Fan Hilariously Mistakes Rajon Rondo For Chris Paul

(via Twitter)

(via Twitter)

Rajon Rondo is a beast on the basketball court. His vision, playmaking, and finishing abilities are simply unmatched in today's game, regardless of the criticism he receives. So what would your reaction be if you met him in the street?

For most fans, just seeing a guy like Rondo is enough. It's not every day that you see a world-famous basketball player after-all. For one fan, though, crossing paths with the point-guard legend made for a great opportunity to troll.

Upon seeing Rondo in the store, the guy goes up and, seemingly intentionally, mistakes Rondo for his long-time rival Chris Paul. His reaction is really what makes the video.

Rajon was less than pleased at the apparent mix-up. And maybe he should be.

There has always been bad blood between Rondo and Paul, and it goes back at least 12 years. Back in 2008, CP3 beat out Rondo for the final spot on the Team USA Olympic Roster. Since then, there have been several on-court altercations, leading all the way up to 2018, when the pair got issued a two-game suspension for a fight.

Rondo is on record as requesting never to be asked about Paul “now, tomorrow, or any other time.”

So, clearly, havinbg a fan come up and call him that name struck some kind of chord with the 4x All-Star.