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Fan Sends Nick Young A Kobe Shirt For Free And Gets Blocked As Young Attempts To Sell The Shirt As His Own

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Nick Young is currently a free agent, but the wingman is constantly making headlines for his commentaries of antics off the pitch. The latest episode of Young and his controversies took place when a fan sent Swaggy P a Kobe shirt since he was a big fan.

Everything looks cool there, but Young ended up blocking the guy and made a now-deleted Instagram post saying that the shirt will soon be available for sale.

This Twitter user, who goes by the name “daviidminor”, even shows proof of Swaggy P sending him his address. Nick Young also went ahead and took down the fan's site where he was selling his merchandise.

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After that, Young posted a series of IG stories talking about this matter. He even criticized people "trying to make money off of Kobe" on his clothing company IG, but announcing a new t-shirt of Bryan on his personal account.

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After that, his clothing company posted a response to this controversy, stating they will be suing. Young also added that we will sue and stop ‘fighting online’.

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Nobody knows how this will end, but the situation is getting hotter by the hour.