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Fan Who Secretly Infiltrated Bulls Locker Room In 1995 Confirms The Size Of Scottie Pippen's Package

(via CBS Sports(

(via CBS Sports(

Scottie Pippen may have been MJ's sidekick on the basketball court, but there is one area he (reportedly) had him beat: below the belt.

According to what the then-Bulls assistant coach Johnny Bach said, it was something that drove Michael crazy.


“There was one other area that Pippen had Michael bested, and that was size of his equipment down below. Bulls assistant coach Johnny Bach said, “that killed Michael…you should have seen the girls Pippen had waiting for him everywhere he went.”

As great as the story is, it remained unconfirmed for an obvious reason: nobody who had actually seen it had spoken up.

But, thanks to one Reddit fan, we actually do have the report of an eye-witness that confirms the rumor. In an old Reddit post, one user linked the blog (and video) of a fan who secretly (and illegally) videotaped a Bulls game in 1995. That same fan also snuck into the locker room, and (accidentally) saw Pippen's schlong. He wrote about it in his blog:

So Scottie Pippen's penis is two feet long. I told you these were randoms. This is one of those stories I thought about awhile back and it just made me laugh and laugh. In 1995, when I was in the locker room with the Bulls (an old WTVN entry that's actually up), Scottie was late coming out of the showers and came out with just a towel around his waist. I was there with the rest of the reporters, including a woman, and I remember how unfair I thought it was that they had to put up with that. But anyway - he sat down to put his socks on and his head peaked out of the bottom of his towel at which point myself and the woman reporter immediately turned around trying to act like we didn't see what we just saw. It then dawned on me as I looked down at my own distance from my crotch to my knee that what I just witnessed belonged in a fucking museum...and Mr. Pippen is a foot taller than me. So when he finally got dressed and we were interviewing him I kept staring at the length from his waist to his knee in utter shock. It had to be over 3 feet, and his monster peeked out about 2-3 inches from his knee SITTING DOWN. So you do the math. Now maybe there's just some "reporter's code" about never mentioning such a thing for fear of making the athlete angry, but for fuck's sake feel free to anger me if I ever throw that over my shoulder in public view. Criminey.

So... yeah. While we still don't know for sure if his story is 100%, it sounds legitimate enough and coincides with the whispers that have circulated for years.

It's unfortunate that the guy had to witness it for himself, but at least it confirms what we've all been hearing.