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Fans React To NBA's Big Rule Change: "James Harden Is Crying."

James Harden

For years now, fans ex-players, and media analysts have criticized the current state of the NBA, which allows for offensive players take advantage of foul calls and create contact in order to get to the line.

While the practice has existed since the dawn of the league, the whole thing has gotten out of control lately.

It seems the NBA realized this as well, as they recently implemented a rule change designed to limit "non-basketball" moves purposed to draw fouls.

When the news was announced on Twitter, fans couldn't help but think of James Harden and Trae Young, who have exploited game officials for years now.

It is undeniable that drawing contact and getting to the line is an enormous part of James Harden's game.

In fact, as of August, the guy has more free throws made over his career than field goals.

Harden is a career 85.8% free throw shooter, but the unique thing about that aspect of his game is the sheer volume of shots he makes from the charity stripe.

Reddit user u/Michael_Jorbald pointed out that Harden has made more free throws in his career than field goals. So far, he has knocked down 6574 FTs and 6513 FGs. This is a true testament to his ability to earn and make those foul shots.

While it is an amazing skill, for oppositions, it gets quite annoying. There have been many instances where the Beard has received a lot of backlash from fans for getting a lot of 50-50 calls in his favor.

This fact is why Harden has attracted so much hate. His playstyle isn't just manipulative -- one can also make the case it falls outside the spirit of the game.

And with the NBA finally cracking down on this tactic, Harden (and others) are going to have to adjust and adapt. Obviously, that will be easier said than done.