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Former Coach On Kyrie Irving: "He Was A Young Man Who Didn’t See The Bigger Picture. He Was More About 'Me, Me, Me' Than 'Us, Us, Us."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kyrie Irving has been the subject of plenty of criticism in recent times given his 'woke' personality and the fact that he always speaks his mind regardless of what people will think. The 2016 NBA champion is about to start a new season with the Brooklyn Nets and the campaign against him doesn't stop.

Irving is sometimes hated for no reason and people don't seem to stop throwing shade at the player. Back in September, one former coach of Kyrie wrote a piece for Basketball News, taking a couple of shots at Kyrie, who he describes as immature and selfish. Talking about the challenges of Steve Nash taking over this team and the fact that he'll coach Kyrie, one of the most controversial players in the league, James Posey wrote:

The other similarity between those Cavaliers and these Nets is Kyrie Irving. I coached Kyrie for three seasons on the Cavaliers, including when we won the championship in 2015-16. It’ll be interesting to see how Nash and Kyrie work together.

Kyrie was still in his early-20s when I coached him in Cleveland, so hopefully he’s matured a bit. I hope he sees the game differently. Back then, he was a young man who didn’t understand the full scope of things. He was more about “me, me, me” than “us, us, us.” For Kyrie, he just needed to mature a bit and understand the bigger picture when it comes to the game of basketball - where it’s all about winning and leading his teammates. Kyrie’s leadership has been questioned, but he has an opportunity to silence those critics by stepping up as a leader in Brooklyn and having a great relationship with Nash.

To me, Kyrie is the most talented point guard in the league. I think he'll continue to get better when it comes to understanding the position, but talent-wise, I'm taking Kyrie over anyone. I just hope he puts it all together as a leader and teammate too. If he does that, whew!

Kyrie has earned a reputation around the league ever since he left the Cleveland Cavaliers. His stint with the Boston Celtics wasn't good at all and now he's trying to prove everybody wrong with the Nets. The talented point guard knows he has a big challenge ahead of him and he's ready to get the job done. It won't be easy, but Kyrie and the Nets are ready for everything.

He recently said he had changed his stance on having a coach on the Nets after playing under Steve Nash for a few games. The Kyrie slander continues but the player doesn't seem to be bothered by that.