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George Karl Continues To Slam Carmelo Anthony: “Melo Was A Ball Hog And A Sh**ty Defender In Denver”

George Karl Continues To Slam Carmelo Anthony: “Melo Was A Ball Hog And A Sh**ty Defender In Denver”

Carmelo Anthony may have his best chance to win an NBA championship this upcoming season. As he winds down his career, Melo has joined his close friend LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers for the upcoming season. Any team that LeBron James is a part of automatically becomes a championship contender. 

And with the big three of LeBron, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, they have a real chance to win their 18th championship this season. Melo was brought in on a minimum contract to provide shooting and scoring. 

Despite being 37 years of age, Melo has shown over the last few seasons that he can still be a reliable player and provide decent scoring to his team. His last stint with the Portland Trail Blazers reinvigorated him and made him a valuable asset in the league again.

But his former head coach couldn't resist taking a shot at him. Former Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl slammed Melo for his comments about never winning a championship. 

He tweeted that the Nuggets coaching staff had to plan carefully during their 2009 Western Conference Finals on how to defeat the Lakers without Anthony being a presence on defense. To add more fuel to the fire, Karl has made further comments about Melo's time in Denver.

After his initial remark on Anthony, George Karl received some criticism from fans about it. In response, Karl doubled down on his criticism, and called Melo a 'ball hog' and a 'sh**ty defender' when responding to a fan.

Anthony has not issued any kind of response to Karl, but it is clear that the bad blood between the two is still rampant. Their relationship fell apart in his final years, which forced Anthony to demand a trade to the Knicks. Time heals all wounds, but Karl is insistent on giving Anthony new ones from the looks of things.