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Gerald Green Makes Bold Claim About Kevin Porter Jr: "We Could Be Looking At The Next James Harden."

Gerald Green Makes Bold Claim About Kevin Porter Jr: "We Can Be Looking At The Next James Harden."

Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. has drawn a lot of comparisons since his days over at USC. From Kelly Oubre Jr. to Nick young, there are plenty of names people think of when they see this young stud play.

The latest comparison on the list? Former Rockets superstar James Harden, who was recently mentioned with KPJ by Gerald Green on the “Inside Buzz With Mikey Domagala” podcast.

I think they’re a really good young core. They still have to learn how to win games. That’s hard. But, they’ve got a great core to develop. I feel like Jalen Green can really be a star, if he stays locked in and focused. I think Christian Wood is pretty much there. I think he’s got to just keep on staying the course, and keep being consistent.

Scoot (Porter), the sky is the limit for him. If he keeps his head clear and keeps trying to lead the team like he’s been doing lately, I think the sky is the limit for him. You could be looking at the next James Harden. That’s just my opinion.

You’ve got so many young guys over there that can really grow, and they all love each other. When I was there, you could tell. They’re tight, they’re close. That’s what you want as a team. I really think Rafael (Stone) did a good job putting those guys together. He did a great job.

James Harden wasn't just a star for the Rockets, he was their franchise guy for nearly a decade before finally packing his bags. During that time, the Rockets failed to win a title but were consistently among the last teams standing in the playoffs. Even now, Harden is widely regarded as the greatest player in the franchise's history.

Porter Jr. is obviously not on that level yet (not even close, but he does share some parallels to the 9x All-Star. He's got the complete offensive package with great handles and amazing scoring ability.

But if he really wants to be considered among greats like Harden, he's going to have to step up and rack up his count in the greatest category of all: wins.