Giannis Antetokounmpo Celebrates Championship On IG Live: "I'm A Freaking Champion."

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Last year, we all enjoyed watching the Championship festivities as LeBron and AD celebrated being winners.

This year, while maybe not as dramatic, we got to watch Giannis do the same, and it was highly entertaining.

Here is on Instagram Live, talking after the game about the feeling of being a Champ:

“I’m a freaking champion!”

He was in a chat with his brother, Thanasis, who is also a Champion.

And while the clip didn't go on for too long, it was enough for us to really get a feel on the moment, and how pumped Giannis about being a winner.

Indeed, the moment is something that not every player gets to experience. For Giannis, it might be the only time in his career it happens.

And while it will be his goal to do it all over again, he's just going to have fun and enjoy the experience -- and who can blame him?